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I would like the community to know about Serenity Care Hospice. I had their service for both my father and sister. I feel my loved ones should have been on their service sooner as they didn’t get the full benefits they could have. During the time they were on this service, they received wonderful care.

A few occurrences especially stick out in my mind about the service they received. I recall a time my father had low O2 sats. I had a fundraising event to attend that day and was going to turn around to come back to the nursing home; however, the nurse, Michelle, assured me that she would stay with my father until his oxygen level was at a safe level. She kept me informed throughout the entire day until he was comfortable. Another thing that my father truly enjoyed was when Chaplain Doug came to play his guitar for him. He really enjoyed it and they had planned for him to share his enjoyment with the other residents but passed before that was possible.

Another thing that really stands out in my mind is when my sister had passed. Unfortunately, she was only 47 and needless to say, no final arrangements were made for her but our plan was for her to be cremated. So after she passed, all friends and family that wanted to come pay their last respects had to come before the funeral home came. Again, Michelle stayed the entire day to comfort me and assist with calls and whatever else needed to be done. She was a God send.

I would and do recommend this service to everyone I am aware that needs Hospice Care. This is a wonderful and caring group of individuals. At a very difficult time in my families and my life, they provided compassionate care that I will always be grateful for.

- Ronda M.

When the doctors finally suggested hospice for my mother, at first I was in disbelief, shocked and scared. But I took the doctor's suggested advice. I contacted Serenity Care Hospice because they were local here in town. That was the best decision I ever made. When they came into our lives they did it in a most professional way. They were caring and understanding and most helpful. My mother had the best of care that anyone could ask for. I am so grateful that they were there , don't know what I would have done without them.

- Linda S.

I requested for Serenity Care Hospice to consider taking my only sister a little over a year ago. She had gone to the hospital and continued such a rapid decline, then transferred to a different nursing home/rehabilitation center… so much stress, confusion, not wanting to cooperate to talk, eat, visit, medications, etc.

We were transported to a new room with only her own bed, sheets, chest of drawers, wall photos, clothing, etc. And then Serenity Care Hospice arrived. They showed tremendous respect for each family and also my sister. She began to relax. After only a few hours, she knew their names and positions. They didn't overwhelm anyone. They kept it low keyed, yet active.

They answered all of my questions and supported my family in a beautiful way. They were with her, as well as family, when she started slipping away. They were precious during those final hours. I asked for a young lady, Kim, RN to be with me at the end. She was!

I'll always refer Serenity Hospice! All of their staff cares deeply. Blessings to Serenity Care Hospice!

- Family Member