Why Serenity Care Hospice

When you ask for Serenity Care Hospice , you get over a century of experience in helping people live their last months as they wish. We are at your side with every possible means of support. It is how we have become the first choice for end-of-life care in Cass, Jackson, Johnson, Henry and Bates counties.

Our services are tailored to meet your individual needs and cover a wide spectrum of care:

  • Family owned and operated by an RN who is certified in hospice and palliative care

  • Dedicated to being at bedside at the time of death

  • Lowest nurse to patient ratio

  • Never utilize agency staff - every person who comes to your home is employed by Serenity Care Hospice

  • Dedicated to honoring our veterans

  • Specialty therapy such as pet therapy and music

  • Committed to supporting the community through education and counseling

  • Individualized plan of care

Unique Caring for Veterans

For veterans, deep-rooted memories of combat or other military experiences can return near the end of life. Our specially trained staff works with veterans and their families to provide the best possible end-of-life experience. We work to bring them the peace, dignity and comfort they deserve. Serenity Care Hospice is a part of the We Honor Veterans program.

Compassionate Care

While all hospices provide end of life care, not all are committed to being present at the bedside at the time of death. Serenity Care Hospice believes that the moments patients and families experience during this time make lasting impressions. To ensure we are with you when you need us the most, Serenity Care Hospice has developed the Compassionate Care Program. During your loved ones final hours, Serenity Care Hospice staff members remain at the bedside with the patient. To make sure these precious moments are filled with comfort and peace, our staff will monitor and quickly address any changes in the patient's condition, as well as, provide support to family members and loved ones so they can focus on giving the patient love and compassion only they can provide.

Bereavement Program

Through our bereavement program, Serenity Care Hospice continues to provide comfort following the death of your loved one. Our staff will provide encouragement and support through phone calls and visits for up to 12 months. You will also receive letters and literature about grief and loss. In addition, we offer monthly grief support groups and memorial services. If necessary, our staff will connect family members with needed community resources.

Volunteer Program

Hospice volunteers provide support to people living with a serious illness and help their family caregivers in a variety of ways. 


Our volunteers can:

  • Provide companionship to the patient and their caregiver.

  • Engage the patient in their hobbies.

  • Listen and engage patients in telling their life story or expressing feelings.

  • Stay with the patient so the caregiver can take time to care for her/himself.

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